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30 Minute Kimchi Fried Rice: Cancer Fighting!

A piquant, finger-lickin’ dish that comes together under 30 minutes? Sign me up! The perfect way to use up leftover scraps, this tangy, flavorsome dish, Kimchi Fried Rice, or bokkeumbap, is a popular staple in Korean households. 

You can thank me later 😉

I went over to a friend’s house just to try out her signature dish she’s been raving about for the past year: kimchi fried rice with tuna and streaky pork?? I was honestly so skeptical. Until I tasted the first bite. Then the next bite. And then I couldn’t stop eating. 



We ate it straight out of the frying pan… because who wouldn’t’ve??

A 30-minute masterpiece.


5-star gourmet cuisine y’all.


Genuinely though, this has been one of the most versatile recipes I’ve tried. If we managed to throw pork and tuna together and create such a scrumptious dish, I’m sure whatever you try will turn out delicious :))

30 minute kimchi.png

Well, there you have it! The Quickest, Easiest Kimchi Fried Rice. All in 30 minutes! Remember to tag me @imheatherr on Instagram if you tried this recipe out! 

‘Till next time!


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