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Hi there, looks like you’ve found me!

Welcome to imheatherr (very original, I know), a completely unfiltered, crazy space filled with stories, adventures, and recipes of mine.

Thanks for stopping by! 😊

As a chronically stressed and hormonal 15 16 year old high school student, I’ve always found a sense of peace and happiness making and eating food… Indian curry, Chinese scallion pancakes, French meringues, classic American pancakes… the limit does NOT exist. (Mean girls anyone?)

The only thing that rivals my love for food would be Chloe Ting workouts, jogging, hiking, and healthy living in general. Don’t get me wrong though, I do love to indulge in a heavy, dense, brownie once in a while because… well, life’s too short not to 😉

When I’m not cooking up healthier versions of meals and desserts, you can find me hiking or skiing in the mountains. And all that moving and exercising tends to make me hungry, which brings me back to eating 🙂

yup, that’s me.

Growing up, I’ve always loved travelling, but as a Hongkonger living in Beijing, Chinese food, culture, and architecture will always take up a special place in my heart, so you’ll definitely be seeing some travel entries of my journey around China too 🙂

Remember to keep an eye out for my healthy recipes– you wouldn’t want to miss out on them! Have I mentioned my healthy RECIPES?

Great catching up, I’ll see you around!

If you’re not sure where to head next, check out my 90 Calorie Healthy Banana Bread or my 2 hour New York Bagels for beginners … you won’t be disappointed!

– Heather