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30 Minute Kimchi Fried Rice: Cancer Fighting!

A piquant, finger-lickin’ dish that comes together under 30 minutes? Sign me up! The perfect way to use up leftover scraps, this tangy, flavorsome dish, Kimchi Fried Rice, or bokkeumbap, is a popular staple in Korean households. 

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breakfast low cal lunch/dinner

Cheap Clean Eats: LOW FAT Healthy Quiche + 4 Ingredient SUPER EASY Crust

Quiche is no longer just a regular brunch option with all of these options to consider: sautéed mushrooms, dried shallots or onions, broccoli, bacon, sausage, cheese, spinach, asparagus, sun dried tomatoes, salmon fresh herbs…the possibilities are boundless!
With so much to try, here is a LOW FAT Healthy Healthy Quiche so you can snack on them to your hearts desire!

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Wanderlust: Christmas in Japan

79 days till Christmas and I’m already counting down the days!!
Last year’s trip to Japan was magical. It was as if we were living in a magical snow globe for 10 days, lost in our own little world.
Considering a trip to Hokkaido? This post covers lodging, transportation, ski resorts, and eats 🙂

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exploring china: hiking in beijing

A quick recount of our hiking trip in Beijing through the real countryside. Definitely family/tourist friendly 🙂

There are an uncountable number of places worth visiting, but it’s often the small, underrated, undiscovered places that truly stays with you forever.

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