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Meringues are defined as “an item of sweet food made from a mixture of egg whites and sugar baked until crisp“. Except we won’t be using egg whites this time! Low fat, low carb, gluten free and only 20 calories per cookie, this delicate dessert only requires three ingredients!

Having a fever will NOT stop me from baking. Or blogging. Midway binge watching Shane Dawson conspiracy theories, vegan recipes for meringues was kept popping up in my recommended. This was a sign y’all. I did a quick search on it and basically, aquafaba meringues are delectable, egg-free, crisp cookies that calls for chickpea brine instead of egg whites.


recipe video



I mean I whipped some yellow liquid and it turned sooo fluffy and creamy. What!??! As a meat eater, my respect for vegans has reached an indescribable height.


I was honestly SO skeptical about this because I’d discard this magical liquid each time I used a can of chickpeas…CIMG3280

But it didn’t turn out bad at all– in fact, it turned out pretty freaking awesome. SHOOK.

Check out my youtube video! It looks like this:

vegan +low fat !.jpg

anywho… here’s the recipe!



  • a 15 oz can of chickpeas, room temp (3/4 cup Aquafaba)
  • 125g sugar, finely blended
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract*
  • a lil’ strawberry puree (literally blended strawberries)*


  1. Preheat your oven to 250°F/120°C
  2. Separate the chickpeas from Aquafaba (the liquid), reserving the Aquafaba. (You will have approximately 3/4 cup of liquid.)
  3. In a large bowl, beat Aquafaba on high speed for 10-13 minutes until stiff peaks are formed.
  4. Mix in sugar one heaping tablespoon at a time until well combined. Feel free to add in puree for a pop of color! When the mixture is glossy, incorporate the vanilla extract
  5. Shape the creamy mixture into 1 tablespoon mounds on parchment paper. Bake for 70 minutes or until meringues are firm to the touch– oven temperatures vary!
  6. Let cool for two minutes and remove from the parchment paper. Store in an airight containers— my first batch melted into a sticky mess so I’m warning y’all :((( 
  7. Enjoy within 3 days!



Anddddd there you have it! The easiest, guilt-free 2 INGREDIENT VEGAN AQUAFABA MERINGUES!! Remember to tag me @imheatherr on instagram if you tried this recipe out! Oh and subscribe to my youtube channel

‘Till next time!


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