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20 mins Sesame Shortbread Crinkle Cookies for 2 {GF, one bowl, small batch} 黑芝麻饼 (hair growth)

I’ve been stress baking loads due to GCSE stress. Here’s a ONE BOWL, SMALL BATCH black sesame shortbread cookie recipe that I always turn to! With a firm but slightly crumbly texture, the perfect amount of butteriness and the iconic aroma of black sesame tangyuan, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this 20 minute shortbread recipe!

Sesame Shortbread Crinkle Cookies for Hair Growth
Light in texture, but rich in flavor. Utter perfection.

It’s the time of the year where everyone is stuffing themselves with kombucha, green juices and bags and bags full of spinach and kale. Which is totally reasonable– Summer’s just around the corner (ew societal pressures).

But it is also finals season, and to prevent the oh-so-predictable cookie binge, look no further than these sesame shortbread cookies! (yikes I sound so tacky.)

When I crave sweets and pastries, I hate being tempted by the remaining 2 dozen and stressing myself out on how on earth I’m going to get rid of the rest. Especially during situations under stress *cough* EdexHELL *cough cough*! I hate admitting this, but my hair has been SHEDDING off my scalp since mocks began which is why I’ve been adding sesame to everything I eat lately:  Not only does sesame promote hair growth by nourishing the roots with its rich omega fatty acids content, it also moisturizes the scalp and improves blood circulation to rejuvenate hair follicles! 

One bite of these and I KNEW I had found the perfect recipe. These were taken on a barely functioning iPhone 6… but will you look at those cracks!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Sesame Shortbread Crinkle Cookies for Hair Growth

Thank god for portion control. I could wolf down the whole batch in seconds!

(topped with toasted sesame and coconut sugar)

Not convinced? Then perhaps you’ll prefer my:

2041545269899_.pic_.jpgvegan +low fat !

or my travel entries… reading them will cost you ZERO CALORIES! whoop whoop!



Before we begin… a little tip for you: the key to perfecting these cookies are to let them rise and puff up… press them down gently with a metal spoon to create the cracks!


Anddddd there you have it! Sesame Shortbread Crinkle Cookies… under 20 minutes!! Remember to pin this recipe and tag me @imheatherr on Instagram if you tried this recipe out! 

Good luck to all my fellow GCSEers!



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