9 LEGIT Hacks to Stop Binge Eating

Okay. I know you need answers so lets get straight to the point.

We all have those days when we unconsciously down a whole bag of chips while procrastinating or doing homework.

Or finish a tub of popcorn while watching a movie. Then wondering where that popcorn went. (Right, you ate it all.)

Ordering an extra-large pizza and eating it alone because you have no plans.

I know.

Binge eating always happens when you’re bored, or distracted. There’s always that moment when you’re SO focused but SOMETHING or SOMEONE *cough cough* mom *cough* decides to interrupt and distract you.

It’s always one of these scenarios: 

a) someone brings you food and asks if you want some— right after you forced yourself to stop snacking

b) someone JUST HAD TO crunch their chips REALLY LOUDLY and honestly, it’s impossible not to join in. (the struggle. is. real.)

c) you’re working on the most BORING, USELESS things and you decide to take a stroll ’round the house, you know, to stretch those sore muscles— and you arrive miraculously in front of the fridge. (thats me)

Either way, you’ve arrived at this corner of the internet, searching for a way out of this- shall we say, addiction? Addiction. That’s a good word for it.

I’m happy to say that you’ve come to the right place 🙂


1. If you’re the type to feel an urge to snack on something while working, prepare a large glass of water or an EXTRA HEALTHY DRINK! (I’ll do a post on low calorie/fat smoothies soon!) and take a small sip each time you feel peckish.

2. Make a food diary! Eating food is obviously good for you, but the wrong foods and the wrong amount can lead to serious consequences. Write down everything you eat and drink— 3 glasses of water, a burger, half an apple— EVERYTHING HAS TO GO DOWN IN THAT DIARY. Having a record of what you eat has been proven to control weight. It works. I’m not even kidding.

3. Give your fridge a cleansing. And those cupboards too. Get rid of all your cookies, frozen dinners, nutella, and the secret stash of ice cream you hid at the top of the fridge. Instead, stock up on some celery (2 calories a stick), fruits, whole wheat bread, avocados, and lean meat such as salmon and chicken/turkey breast 🙂 I’ll do a post on my favorite healthy recipes too! 

4. Eat all the low calorie things first. Down a glass of warm water or tea and have your portion of veggies before eating other stuff. Low calorie foods can be filling too, and the more you eat before that pizza, the less pizza you’ll eat.

5. When you eat, don’t procrastinate. I learned that the hard way. No TV, phone, book, whatever. Focusing solely on your food makes you more aware of how much you’re eating.

6. Eat HEALTHILY, don’t DIET. A study from Louisiana State University found that calorie counting and consciously dieting were associated with overeating, especially while alone. Don’t starve yourself guys. The less you eat in a meal, the more likely it is for you to binge on the next one. Diets suck anyway. It’s always okay to reward yourself with that occasional reese cup 🙂

7. Go for a walk. Being active after meals de-bloats you. I do 700 jump ropes and 100 leg kicks after a guilty meal but walking up the stairs or round the park also helps. It’s also not that hard to pop in your earbuds for a quick stroll!

8. DO NOT eat after 7pm. I’ve eaten before 7 for half a year now, and it reduces the guilt I feel the next day. Eating earlier reduces the possibility of bloating and gives you more time to digest all that stuff before you go to bed.

9. MEAL PREP. All you need is 7+ containers and a few hours. Whip up your favorite salads, turkey sandwiches, smoothies, or sushi— ANYTHING, and store them in your fridge. Apart from these, try keeping little to none other foodstuffs in your fridge (fruits, yogurt, or a carton of milk’s fine, don’t worry). That’ll reduce the dangers of snacking during one of your wanderings 

Hopefully these helped 🙂 and thanks for stopping by as well!


- wing


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